Transform the way you deal with waste.

Over 40 years ago, our Founder and Chairman John Marren looked at waste and saw an opportunity.
He realised that surplus wasn’t a disposal issue, it was a redistribution one. And a whole different approach was born. Since then we’ve consistently led the way and are now the UK’s largest redistributor of surplus. We’re trusted by mainstream retailers from Aldi to Waitrose to redistribute their surplus products and protect their brands, bringing them financial, social and environmental advantages along the way.

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In 2018, we handled 70 million items and redistributed 23,607 tonnes of surplus food.

How do we do it?

Through our Company Shop stores for members and our Community Shop social enterprises, we help to stop thousands of tonnes of food and drink surplus being wasted. We also work hard to raise awareness of the types of products that can be redistributed, lobbying government and talking to manufacturers, retailers and big brands to help reduce waste even further.

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Massive financial, social and environmental benefits

A Financial Return

A Financial Return

Get paid for your surplus.

Working with us gives you a financial return on products you’d normally pay to get rid of. In fact, over the past 10 years, we’ve returned over £100 million to the industry.
A Social Return

A Social Return

Benefit society.

By selling your products through Company Shop, you help our members’ food budgets go further, including people who work in the emergency services and the NHS. By selling through our Community Shop  social enterprises you help transform disadvantaged communities. Plus, you can make even more difference by donating your surplus, powering life-transforming work and meeting your corporate social responsibilities.
An Environmental Return

An Environmental Return

Reduce your waste

It’s becoming less and less acceptable for businesses to let good products go to waste. Wherever possible, consumers expect to see them used for the purpose they were intended. We help you follow recent Government distribution guidance in The Resources and Waste Strategy and support the priorities outlined in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the UK Courtauld 2025 Commitment.

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