Making a meaningful, tangible difference in deprived communities.

It starts with food: a store selling surplus stock at great value prices.

But a Community Shop is much more than a lifeline for those struggling to feed their families. It’s also home to a community hub and a programme of self-development that helps people kickstart a better future for them and their community. With courage, care and commitment, Community Shops turn local people’s potential into positive change. They have a meaningful, measurable impact on everything from better mental health to reduced local crime.

An award-winning social enterprise.

Community Shop is founded and funded by the Company Shop Group and its unique social enterprise model has already won national awards. This is NOT just another charity creating dependency. We spent over a year looking at different models around the world to find the one that makes the biggest measurable difference to people’s lives. And this was the one that impressed us most. By looking beyond the shop to the whole community and by thinking long term, Community Shops breathe new life into deprived neighbourhoods.

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